Feb 11, 2023

කෘතීම බුද්ධිය සමඟ පිළිසඳරක්.........

 Does your answers biased or hindered, anyway?

යම් හෙයකින්, ඔබේ පිළිතුරු වලට පක්ෂග්‍රාහී හෝ නිදහස් අදහස් ප්‍රකාශ කිරීම සීමාකිරීම් කෙරෙනවාද ?

As an AI language model, I strive to provide objective, accurate, and neutral information. However, it's important to note that I am a machine learning model created and trained by OpenAI, and my training data includes examples of text from the internet. This means that my training data may include biases and inaccuracies that are present in the online sources that were used to train me.