Apr 11, 2020

නිවාස අඩස්සියේ සිට.....


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    1. Never knew bats were developing a WMD in their caves. They have the herd immunity and we don't. Errr... I mean, we owls may have it, but you don't. CCP and WHO help to spread it, and the rest is history. Stay safe mate. If survived, will post again next year.

      Herd Immunity - Glorified scientific(British) way of saying " Do nothing". I think Sweden is doing that too.

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    1. We saw so many heroes, actors, comedians and pathological liars during past few months. Yes, life is so fragile - handle with care. Stay safe.


ඔබට කමෙන්ට් ලෙස, ලින්ක් සහිත පිංතූරයක්/ වෙබ් පි‍ටුවක් දැමීමට අවශ්‍ය නම් පහත වෙබ් සයිට් එකට ගොස් අදාල කෝඩ් එක කොපිකර ගන්න.
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