May 6, 2011

Love Sucks

I'm a Bassa in boots, and I thought I've learned my lesson, but seems I'm wrong. After my last roller-coaster ride, I promised to myself not to fell head over heels for someone , again. Then, for a while I was a free bird.Did what I wanted to do, went wherever I wanted to go and enjoyed my freedom , fully. Bam, Then it hit me again, when I was least expected. You think a brick-wall? Nope, I'm tellin' ya, brick walls are better, It's that damn love, again. Oh, yes, this time it came with a new out look, but we all know where it will end, don't we? Right now, I feel like, I'm heading for a nose dive, and let you guys know when I hit the rock bottom.  

I rest my case...

Baby I swear, I tell the truth

About all the things, you used to do

And if you thought, you had me fooled

I'm tellin' you now, objection overruled


  1. මේ වැ‍ඩේ හරියන්නෙ නැහැ බොල.. තෝ දාන්නෙ ඔක්කොම මගෙ fav සිංදු නේ.. :)

  2. මට නම් පේන හැටියට බස්සාට ' love sick'. පේන්නේඇද්ද අර හොට නවන හැටි සහ බකුසු ඇස් උඩට පහලට යන හැටි. ඕවා තමා බසු 'love sick ' රෝග ලක්ෂන.

  3. "Love is a hidden fire, A pleasant sore, A delicious poison, A delectable pain, An agreeable torment, A sweet and throbbing wound, A gentle death."

    Yes....Love Sucks....

  4. A gentle death? Huh, killing me softly,eh?

  5. @බුරා

    ඩෙග ඩෙග පරි රඹුට කැකිරි
    නටමුද බොල අපිත් සොකරි

    තව දෙඤ්ඤං...


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