Jun 13, 2011

Home..Sweet Home

There is a reason why they call it   "Sweet Home ." So, what exactly, makes a home "Sweet Home?". I'm sure it  takes just more than a roof and walls. Do you think, a sweet home is something own by the rich? listen to this , and you be the judge.

I believe, we can learn a lot just by looking around us, and listening to other people. Just think, what we have, which we take as granted, yet wanting more and make our lives miserable. In contrast, they don't have any luxury, but enjoy the little what they have.

So, what went wrong. why can't we be happy with what we have right now. Or, do we need to take a  leap of faith to re-discover ourself?


Jonas Bendiksen is a  photo journalist represented by Magnum Photos. You can find his work at the following address:


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