Jun 14, 2011

Redneck Woman

There is a whole sub-culture grew-up around Walmart  and trailer parks - the rednecks. They are working class, not so educated, whites in north America, who belong to lower middle class. There are tons of jokes about them on the net, too.

I don't like rednecks, they are generally racist. Perhaps, it is not fair to stereotype them, as there may be something to learn from them, after all. And, I like this song, simply because of the free spirit and the independence, it shows. 



  1. The uploader has not made this video available in your country.. :(

  2. managed to see another video in YouTube anyway.. :)

  3. Oops.I didn't know that, and glad that you finally saw the video. "I ain’t never been the barbie doll type" is the favorite of mine, heh..heh.

  4. barbie dolls..!!?? where..?? I can't see any.. :)

  5. you just wait and see, my lad. She will come and poke her beak..heh..heh


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